Jean Marc Bulot is the Mayor of Crêpe. A deathly French village a million miles from nowhere. His only real companions: an alcoholic ex-miner, a pedantic village secretary, an idle janitor, a morose baker, and his ageing ex-schoolmistress. It’s the stuff of nightmares. Only this is real. Welcome to France. Then one day a car arrives. A family looking for a place to stay. They must be lost thinks the Mayor. Horribly lost! No one ever visits Crêpe. Why would you? You can’t even get a baguette. Next day another car arrives. And another. Soon people are arriving from all over France. All lost. All hungry. All in need of a drink. Something very odd is going on. But wait! Perhaps this is the moment the Mayor has been waiting for. To finally do something with his wretched life. And so begins Le Glitch. Will the Mayor of Crêpe grasp the opportunity? Or will he blow it?
I found this an absolutely un-putdown-able story, one where the characters really came to life, and the plot is full of twists and turns. Whether you are looking for a book about ‘real’ France, French country life and traditions, an adventure, or even a romance, then this is the book for you - The Good Life France Book Review
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UK: £6.99
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FR: €8.43* 

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