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Le Glitch, Philip Ogley’s satirical rural romp, out now as an audiobook, eBook or paperback (click cover).

“The plot can feel as buggy as the dodgy sat-navs responsible for the titular “glitch” that unexpectedly delivers this obscure French village its first tourists in years. And the petty, frustrated characters are almost wholly unadmirable. But there’s an anarchic humour and grounded surrealism that keeps the momentum throughout, with a priggish determination akin to a British dad on holiday: forever refusing to admit he is lost, and always has been. The incessant bickering can grate; but beneath the resolute daftness of the surface events, and the foul-mouthed exchanges between friends and enemies alike, there’s a warm and tender philosophy exploring the tragicomic helplessness of the human condition. All in all, a bumpy ride with unexpected detours that you’re sure to look back on fondly – if you’re brave enough to keep going.”

A. Velkey, Doubtist Books

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