43 – Provence

It was this weekend eighteen years ago during my time on the farm in Provence that the fateful pepper plant incident took place. I had been charged with the important task of turning on the sprinklers to water the pepper plants in the polytunnel over the weekend. A simple case of turning on a tap, waiting for half an hour, and then turning it off again. But I got distracted and four hours later discovered a lake where once there had been a crop of peppers. Continue reading “43 – Provence”

42 – Kit Linge

I feel at my happiest on Kit Linge day. The one benefit of living here is that we receive clean sheets and towels (Linen kit) every other Thursday as part of the rental. I don’t know why this is the case, but it’s a bonus not to have to wash sheets and towels and even better to fall asleep on crisp, industrially laundered sheets. Even if they do smell of vinegar.

And today is no exception. It’s Kit Linge day and five weeks until I leave. And twelve weeks until I return. Continue reading “42 – Kit Linge”

41 – Mosquito

Last night was spent chasing a mosquito around my flat.

After arriving back from my rain soaked camping trip I went to bed looking forward to ten hours of uninterrupted sleep. But at around 2.30 I woke up to the malevolent, evil buzz that had plagued me six months ago. After the debacle with the fruit flies in March – who incidentally still insist on gathering in the corner of my window for reasons unknown – this intrusion was one flying insect too many. Continue reading “41 – Mosquito”

40 – Bristol

I arrived back from my highly entertaining holiday in Bristol to soft clouds, a warm breeze and the smell of hot pastries. Being away for two weeks made me appreciate being back. Wandering down Rue Mazanod from the bus station I noticed the restaurant I went in on my first afternoon here. Sadly, it had now closed down. Continue reading “40 – Bristol”