119 – The Mouse Run

We have mice. No surprises there. But we didn’t think it would lead to this. Driving out every evening to a hamlet a few miles down the road with a bagful of them. Thing is, we have no choice. It’s either kill them, let them loose here and watch them troop back in the minute we turn our backs, or drive them to somebody else’s house. Continue reading “119 – The Mouse Run”

118 – The First Day of Winter

As I look down the valley towards Gouex, I see the Vienne brimming with rainwater. Its clouds hanging disconsolate above the forest now swept of leaves by the menacing wind that carries the scent of snow to my reddening nose. Continue reading “118 – The First Day of Winter”

116 – Visions of Queaux

For the last ten weeks, I’ve got up early to write my book. It’s been an experience that I won’t forget. It’s been hard. Very hard. For one, I don’t like getting up. But I have to. Because I know that if I don’t write first thing my mind will start filling up with trash. Even stuck out here in the middle of France my mind is a magnet for distraction. Left unused for a minute too long it starts taking idle thoughts too seriously and mincing them up into long strands of doubt and despair for me to ponder all day long. Poisonous. Continue reading “116 – Visions of Queaux”