137 – A Few Figures

4968 hours later, I finally finished my novel. That’s 207 days, or 29 weeks. I say finished, I mean, I finished the third draft before I was 40 (3 May). I hit my own deadline five weeks early – cool!

It’s been quite an interesting journey. In 29 weeks I’ve hardly seen or spoken to anyone. But I feel it was worth it. I’m easily distracted you see. If I was ever going to write a novel, it was here in the middle of nowhere without any disco bars or karaoke. Continue reading “137 – A Few Figures”

136 – Attack of the Processionary Pine Moths and the Continuing Mole Problem

Nothing I’ve seen here over the past six months has been as curious as what I saw yesterday. Having finished the first mow of the season, I was inspecting the mole situation when I saw a hundred orange and black caterpillars joined end-to-end like a giant boot lace. Continue reading “136 – Attack of the Processionary Pine Moths and the Continuing Mole Problem”

135 – Spring Selection

After a fashionably dark and damp winter including the never ending wail of the Charente wind in the owl infested chimneys. Mice kept at bay by goose fat plugged in the gaps in the walls. And my resolve to write a novel stiffened by the crippling draughts blowing in from the Vienne River. The sun is now out in pure Technicolor Gold and warming everything in sight. What a relief. Continue reading “135 – Spring Selection”

134 – 20 Word Film Reviews

Apart from writing my book, reading quite a bit, listening to French radio, running, eating and drinking, I’ve watched quite a few films over the past six months. The fabled Film Night we have here at the farm has become quite a fixture.

So for no reason whatsoever here are the films reviewed in 20 words or less complete with a Blogley and IMDb rating. Also an * marks a Blogley recommendation. Continue reading “134 – 20 Word Film Reviews”