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152 – Blogley in Bordeaux?

When I first started this blog back in 2011 it was called Blogley in Lyon. It’s aim if you recall was ‘to chart my progress in Lyon over the coming months.’

And for the next two years it did. Then I moved here to Queaux and renamed it Blogley: The Ridiculous Ramblings of a Man in France. Queaux with a population of 232 seemed too small at the time to give it a platform on my precious blog.

Time is running out here and I need to think of another blog title for next year. Blogley in Bordeaux seems good so last weekend we went there to check it out. To see if it’s a place we want to live in. A place worthy enough to give it top billing on my blog.

And it looks good. It’s historic. It’s rich. It’s near the sea and the mountains (roughly). It’s got a big river. It has good transport links. It seems more inviting and less stuffy than Lyon. It even contains the last four letters of where we live now. Did I miss something? Oh yeh, they do good wine as well.

Whether half a day in a city during the World Cup at the height of summer with the place in full swing can warrant a move there is debatable. Or perhaps it isn’t.

A lot of places I’ve lived in, I had never visited before I went. Nottingham, Plymouth, Granada, Warsaw, Bracknell are all places I moved to blindly. Including Lyon.

True I had a job there before I went, but jobs are easy to come by if you put yourself out there. I mean how much money does one need. Enough for bread, ham, cheese, a bit of wine, a bowl of noodles, chicken and chips in a basket.

I’m being flippant. It’s a big move and a slightly scary one. Partly because we’ve been living on a 110 acre estate for the past year, and now we are looking at 50 metre squared apartments in Bordeaux. That’s the scary part. The sheer level of downsizing. About 3000 percent to be exact.

But it’ll be a change. A new place. New people. And why not for Christ’s sake. What are you meant to do with your life? Sit in the same hole watching yourself grow old in a cracked mirror. No thanks. I’ll take life. I’ll take Bordeaux by the scuff of its wine soaked neck and wring it until it’s dead. Drain it of life and then leave. Go some place else.

So coming soon. Blogley in Bordeaux. But for now a video:


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