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157 – The House in Queaux: A Retrospection.

The subject of this last post before I return to Blighty for a few weeks is: What has it been like here for the past eleven months?

Well. Apart from the flies. It’s been great. Better than expected in fact. We haven’t run out of money. We haven’t gone nuts. We’re fit and healthy. I’ve written my damn book. We’re alive.

Saying that. It’s also been hard. Especially at the beginning. When the things I was used to – i.e. the city – simply weren’t there. Just endless fields, a lot of time and an unwritten novel.

I’m now loath to leave partly because I haven’t finished all the things I’ve discovered I can do here – like make short films. Which is astonishing really considering I thought I might be bored.

I’m writing this blog at eight o’clock in the morning. I’ll probably finish it by nine, then I’ll work on my book until one. Then I’ll prepare lunch. Then I’ll mow the lawn. Then I’ll go for a swim. Then I’ll play guitar. Then I’ll post the blog (I made the film yesterday). Then it’ll be seven o’clock and my stomach will be aching. Cue food preparation. One hour. Eat it. Take a short walk. Eat some cheese. Tidy up. Cold Shower. Go to bed. Repeat for eleven months (not always mowing the lawn). That’s how it’s been.

We’re going to return here at the end of August to organise our move to Bordeaux. It’ll be hard to leave after so many glorious months. After so many creative days. But it’s time to return to the city again to see what we’ve missed. If anything.

Enjoy the film. Enjoy life.

(needs sound)


One thought on “157 – The House in Queaux: A Retrospection.

  1. loath – adjective: reluctant or unwilling.
    loathe – verb: to feel intense dislike or disgust for.

    Invoice: £1:00 made payable to Alexander Velky for copy-editing services rendered.




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