163 – Blogley’s Photography Blog Challenge

In an unusual departure from writing about myself, I decided to give myself a blog challenge.

To make a photographic record of ‘The Ten Things I Like Doing’ in the vain hope that others may follow suit and so create a new phenomenon like the recent cold bucket thing – only better.

I was quite upbeat about the prospect of creating a new craze until I realised that the ten things I like doing pretty much cover the whole gamut of human enjoyment, bar one or two things I couldn’t possibly photograph myself doing.

So I’m not sure there’s any point in continuing and will only serve as a means to bump my stats up to over 10,000 views (if you look to the right now, you’ll see my stats). Which sub consciously was probably the aim anyway. Not to mention promoting The Very Best of Blogley that is still for sale and can be bought by clicking the book cover to the right of this post.

In the meantime…



What do you think?

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