194 – An Hour in Bordeaux – in Photographs

Having failed to write anything of any value or substance today – apart from a recipe on How to Cook Chicken Korma – I resorted to my camera and gave myself a task.

One hour to distil Bordeaux into an attention-grabbing photographic montage.

Starting from Place de la Victoire I walked the route illustrated below in an hour shouting ‘Move out of the way!’ whenever I saw something interesting, poignant or thoughtful. Finishing at twelve-thirty in time for steak frites and a glass of Medoc at the Café des Arts on the corner of Hugo and Catherine.

street map

The sun was shining so it couldn’t have been a better day to shoot Bordeaux with my tiny Cyber Shot, which is turning out to be a gem of a camera and better than most double its price – I shot most of my videos on it as well.

So here goes. An hour in Bordeaux with Blogley:


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