197 – The Lanton Pancake Run

After five days here, I’ve realised that I don’t live in Andernos-Les-Bains at all. I live in Taussat-Les-Bains, which is the next village up.

And to add to the confusion, I was just about to change the title of the Blog, when I noticed on a letter that my official address is actually in Lanton, another village 4 km down the coast. So I left it as it was. For now…

Not that any of this matters. Addresses and postcodes are arbitrary and are only there to confuse postmen. Which I can vouch for because I used to be one. And was often caught hanging around on street corners in Bristol with bags of mail wondering where on earth it all belonged.

All of this came about as I was downloading my running data from my GPS watch after my run this morning. It normally saves a run as the name of the location that I start from. Which was Taussat. But for some reason it saved it as ‘Lanton Run’. Why not ‘Taussat Run’ I wondered. Isn’t that where I live? Clearly not.

I’ve now renamed Lanton Run, the Lanton Dash as it was a quick time owing to the flatness of the circuit – I was practically running in the sea. I did think briefly of calling it The Lanton Pancake Run, but that would be foolish seeing as pancakes, bacon and maple syrup is my favourite breakfast and I don’t want to be hungry the whole way round every time I do it.

I didn’t actually realise how big the Arcachon basin was until I plotted my route out at 7 o’clock this morning. Looking at the map I realised that I was going to have to up my mileage if I ever wanted to run the whole basin in a day. Which was one of my grand ideas when I arrived here last week.

From Cap Ferret on the north side of the basin to Arcachon in the south, it’s 50kms, and the most I’ve ever run is 15km. I’m a good runner, but I’m not a long distance runner. I’m a 5 – 10 km man. I like running for 40 minutes at full power and then stopping for a shower, a spot of lunch and a quiet beer reading a book.

Running for two or three hours seems like a colossal waste of time. Partly because I’m impatient,  partly because I’ve always got so much to do. Which I haven’t, but I never know when something unexpected might require my utmost attention. So I try to keep my days clear just in case. I certainly don’t want to be slogging round the Arcachon Basin when it does. So the Lanton Dash will have to do for now.



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