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My Geography Teacher Jammed With George Harrison—A True Story

STOP PRESS: As of April 2022, any new posts will appear exclusively on Medium. Click here to get to my page. It’s 1991. The 1st Gulf War is about to begin, and I’m watching the bombs explode over Baghdad on my tiny black & white TV. A few months later, on the same TV, I […]

For Richer or Poorer—What Is Wealth?

I don’t know many wealthy people. But I know one. An old friend of mine, who after university, didn’t bum about like me, but got a job. I met up with him a few weeks ago, and we started talking about money and wealth and what it meant — if anything. As a way of […]

So I Bought a Smartphone!

After years of vowing never to own a smartphone, viewing them as needless childish gadgets, I finally caved in and bought one. The phone I’ve used for the past ten years (I’ve had three) is the Nokia 105 Dual SIM that weighs 74 grams and is the size of a Mars Bar. It has the […]