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A Man in France

Philip Ogley arrived in France in 2011 for a teaching job he didn’t want and started writing to pass the time. Seven years later, he’s still here. A Man in France is the culmination of those efforts: a series of travel articles, observational pieces and anecdotes taking the reader on a compelling journey through this beautiful and yet baffling country. An informative, witty, and at times sober panorama of 21st century France through the eyes of a cheese loving, wine-snorting Englishman. This is the book on France you never thought existed. Ebook £3.50 (UK(US). Paperback £5.99 (UK)  (US) 

The Sunbed of Malcolm Todd

One summer I went on holiday to write some short stories. I was camping and it was raining so there wasn’t much else to do except write and visit the local pub. I wrote about 40 in total, mainly scribbles in a notebook. When I got home I typed the ones I liked up. And here they are. 24 stories written from a wet tent in Dorset, England. Ebook £2.99 (UK) (US). Paperback £3.99 (UK) (US)

‘The Mailman Milkman Affair’ taken from The Sunbed of Malcolm Todd