A series of short films I’ve made over the past six years. They are mostly of me larking around in various situations. They were quite fun to make.

Or visit my You Tube Channel:

How to Build a Shepherd’s Hut

Pool Antics Part III – Chateau Dumas, Auty

Pool Antics Part II – Chateau Dumas, Auty

Pool Antics Part I – Chateau Dumas, Auty

Souillac to Grolejac by Canoe

In Souillac, Lot, France

A spot of painting. Chateau Dumas, Auty

My self published book

Three minute tour of Chateau Dumas

Winter cold showering. Chateau Dumas

Wood chopping is a fine art. Chateau Dumas

Chateau Dumas

A walk along the canal (for four days). Wiltshire, UK

The finer points of camping cooking. France

Never look after dogs. Aude, France

Always check Post Office opening times, especially in France. Taussat, France

The sequel to Hay Bale Gymnastics. Taussat, France

The pool is finally clean. Time for a dip. Taussat.

The Bike Ride. Taussat

MockVert. Taussat.

Fed up with fielding difficult questions from my own guilt about why I write, I decided to film myself do it to see if it would go away. The results were surprising. Taussat.

Picnics and beaches are best done when no one is around


Classic fish pie in another vintage Blogley food instructional video. Taussat

A short quiet poignant walk up the beach – and back. Taussat.

How to hoover a swimming pool. Taussat

Pool Work –  The Director’s Cut? Taussat

Bored with my job one day, I decided to film it to see if it looked fun. Taussat

An abstract look at my surroundings with me falling over a lot. Taussat

Everything you need to know about Natural Swimming Pools – it’s interesting! Taussat

A one minute snapshot of the Arcachon basin. Taussat

Never been to Paris? Here it is in three minutes.

The part of Bordeaux where the tourists don’t go. Bordeaux

The part of Bordeaux where the tourists do go. Bordeaux

What I cooked for lunch for a year at the farm in Queaux. Queaux

The farm in Queaux in all its glory. Queaux

Summer larks on a rubber inner tube. Queaux

Triathlon man. Queaux

A glimpse of the village of Queaux in Vienne.

First foray into Bordeaux.

My routine in Queaux writing my book.

The need for wood! Queaux

Grass always needs cutting in a rainy place. Queaux

My first ever video and still the best perhaps. Queaux

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