1. Shop Until You Drop – My uncle disappeared on Dartmoor one fine day. What happened? Listen to the audio here.

2. The Mailman Milkman Affair – Short story about a good old fashioned punch up between a milkman and a postman on a Bristol common. While this event is fictional, it may have happened at some point in the past.

3. The Great American Bookshop – Ever thought of opening a bookshop?

4. No Need to KneadAudio version of story 296 narrated by me in a variety of accents. None of which are my own.

5. Reality At Last – Spend too much time on your computer? Maybe you need some reality? Read here or listen to the audio recording below narrated by Justin Brown.

6. The Supermarket – Would you really want to take your last breath in a supermarket? Read here to find out, or listen to the audio version below narrated by Philip Ogley.

7. The Mailman Milkman Affair – A short story taken from The Sunbed of Malcolm Todd read by Philip Ogley on film. Call it a Video Story…

8. Great Destinations Radio Show – Listen to my interview on the Great Destinations Radio show about living in France.