Jamshakcle 1996 – 1998

In December 1996 I met Justin Brown in a bar in Nottingham. I’d been playing Neil Young covers that night, Justin his own material. I liked his stuff, so we agreed to meet a few days later at my house to play some songs. We got on well and the music flowed. Later I was introduced to Gordon Robertson, a friend of Justin’s, who played bass. A few weeks later, we met James Tricky. He played drums and we had a band.

We called it Jamshakcle and started playing in Nottingham and Derby. After Gordon left to pursue other things we recruited Lee White on bass and throughout 1997 and 1998 continued gigging in the Midlands, as well as a mini-tour of France with Paul Quadros standing in for me, as I’d broken my hand.

The band continued until late 1998, when it folded and we went our separate ways. We remain good friends.

The following three songs rescued from an old TDK cassette I found in my drawer, and originally recorded at Rubber Biscuit Studios in Nottingham in March 1998, is the only surviving material (as far as I know).

1. Confidence Fiend (Brown)

2. Got it made (Brown)

3. Do you know (what love is?) (Brown)

Jamshakcle were: Justin P Brown: Vocals, guitar. Philip Ogley: Guitar, backing vocals. James Tricky: Drums, percussion. Gordon Robertson: Bass, vocals, flute. Lee White: Bass. Paul Quadros: Guitar, fiddle


Photographs © 1997-1998 Stan Mellema (RIP)