Le Glitch. A Novel

No one ever visits Crêpe. Why would you? You can’t even get a baguette.

A typical day for Mayor Jean Marc Bulot includes rising before midday, kicking the town drunk, complaining about the janitor and being corrected by his secretary. Nothing changes. Ever. Not since the 80s.

Then one day a car shows up. Then another. And another. Somehow, mysteriously, Crêpe has been put on the map. Tourists are arriving and it’s time for Jean Marc to rally his troops. Because there’s a few Euros to be made.

And some very old scores to settle…

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UK: £3.99
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FR: €4.50* 
"I found this an absolutely un-putdown-able story, one where the characters really came to life, and the plot is full of twists and turns. Whether you are looking for a book about ‘real’ France, French country life and traditions, an adventure, or even a romance, then this is the book for you." - The Good Life France Book Review
UK: £6.99
US: $8.99*
FR: €8.43*
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