Le Glitch

Jean Marc Bulot is the Mayor of Crêpe, a French village a million miles from nowhere. Where you can’t even get a baguette, let alone a beer. His only real companions: an alcoholic ex-miner, a pedantic village secretary, a 92-year-old retired school teacher, and an idle janitor. It’s the stuff of nightmares. Only this is real. Welcome to Crêpe. Then one day a car arrives. And another. Then another. All lost. All hungry. All in need of a drink. Suddenly everyone is coming to Crêpe. But why?

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★★★★★ “Le Glitch is a fast-paced entertaining read. Clever and witty, a breath of fresh air. Highly recommended.” Emma Hilditch, Parisot Literary Festival.

★★★★★ “Fizzing humour…” Alain Bedin, La Vie Review.

★★★★★Philip Ogley’s satirical rural romp is hugely entertaining.” Cal Davis, ArcMag.

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